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Would you like to have a reliable companion who always provides you with what you need when you need it?

Ascom Myco is built for the on-the-job reality and the methods of working of nurses and clinicians, as well as the demanding environment of healthcare. It provides reliable communication, access to information at the point of care, and is robust and durable. Every detail is carefully designed to help make every shift more pleasant, efficient, and rewarding. And guess what, we think that your IT department will love it as well.

Ascom Myco Smartphones

Specially designed carrying clip evenly distributes weight and provides a firm grip on a single layer of fabric to prevent drops.
Durable and robust: built from materials specifically designed to withstand excessive drops and corrosion from disinfecting agents.
Built on open software standards for integration with other systems and to support third party apps, in addition to Ascom mission-critical extensions for information security, supervision and prioritization.
Highly ergonomic design: compact, lightweight and optimized for single hand usage