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In healthcare, industry, retail and other vertical markets, effective communication is vital to efficient productivity and operational excellence. Being connected and staying connected with team members and information systems is incredibly important. Ascom Unite is a powerful middleware platform that connects mission-critical systems with mobile staff members, delivering advanced two-way messaging to a variety of mobile devices. It enables quicker response to information which ultimately saves time and resources, not to mention improving the experience for your customers or patients.

Ascom Unite extends the reach of your existing information systems by delivering time-sensitive information to your mobile staff while on-the-go. It delivers intelligent integration, advanced alarm & messaging and system management in one unique, powerful package.

Ascom Unite

Allows the mobile staff to remain connected at all times and receive information on-the-go.
Delivers the right message, to the right person, at the right time.
Provides auto-escalation of messages based on pre-defined response or response time-out.
Eliminates confusion in task assignment and ensures a timely response in critical situations.
Allows you to leverage a variety of information systems crucial to running your business.
Flexible architecture allows you to start small and grow your system as desired.
Ascom Unite