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Unite is an IP-based system for professional messaging. It integrates a broad range of fixed, wireless, and mobile media, including paging, alarms, and cordless phone systems like DECT, with public communications technologies, such as GSM, email, and the Internet.

Unite goes beyond the boundaries of just a just communications platform to interface with business, accounting, building management, and security systems.

The IP-based, open architecture makes for a highly scalable system.

You can address your immediate needs by starting small, and then add extra capacity or functionality as your needs increase.

Unite interfaces with third-party systems and offers comprehensive customization tools. You get great flexibility combined with low total cost of ownership.

Based on Linux OS, Unite provides a set of standard communications protocols to connect and seamlessly integrate different types of applications, hardware modules, and carrier systems. Unite completely integrates with Ascom paging, Ascom DECT system and Ascom VoWiFi handsets, but also enables integration with other communication systems.


Unite interconnects applications and technologies to solve your communication

and security needs.

  • Whatever your type of message, it is automatically converted into the format required by the receiving device.
  • Privacy and security is guaranteed by encrypting messages.
  • Multiple communications systems are joined and administered to ensure the delivery of messages across a wide variety of wire line, wireless, and mobile media.
  • If staff member is unavailable to answer a time-critical message it can be continuously cascaded to other staff until that call is acknowledged.
  • All calls and responses can be logged for a permanent record of quality of service

Unite employs state-of-the-art technology for interactive messaging:

  • An IP protocol-based system easily interfaces with other equipment
  • Linux OS for optimal performance and low maintenance costs
  • Built-in firewall
  • Solid-state hardware for long-term reliability
  • Automatic start-up and recovery facility
  • Encrypted messages to ensure communications integrity

Messaging Modules

When connected over an IP backbone, Unite modules and applications act as a single system. The following Unite building blocks are available:

IMS (Integrated Message Server)

Provides basic support for alarms and messages via DECT and

VoWiFi systems, including group handling and messaging from

web-browsers. IMS has a built-in phonebook, but also supports

external database phonebooks. Handles absent status for users,

and is a base for the Unite system.

ESS (Enhanced System Services)

Supports Unite systems with a number of services, such as centralised number planning, remote management, system supervision, fault handling and notification, group handling, message routing, conditional and unconditional diversions, logs messaging traffic, alarm events and faults, and handles user access rights. Gives additional services to IMS, and is required in Unite systems that employs multiple types of portable devices. ESS is also Unite’s time server.

AMS (Alarm Management Server)

An event-handler engine with a web-based user interface for the

configuration of presentations, actions, and escalation for alarms and other types of events.

AMC (Alarm Management Client)

A Windows based presentation/alarm handling client to the AMS.

Presents alarms with graphical locations, and is a graphical interface for users to respond to alarms.


A gateway that transfers emails to portable devices.


An application to send messages from web-browsers to portable devices.

Open Access Server (OAS)

A server enabling integration between Windows applications and Unite.

Open Java Server (OJS)

Contains a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) enabling customised embedded Java applications to integrate with Unite.


A generic gateway that handles integration with external systems through a variety of different types of protocols. Converts events to actions, such as notifications or activating outputs. Dynamically assigns users to specific alarms and events. Handles escalation chains.

External Carrier Gateway (ECG)

Enables interaction with an external system. Available for SNPP, TAP and Cisco Call Manager.

Unite carrier systems

Unite works with the following carrier systems:

DECT Ascom DCT1800-S

Ascom DCT1800-GAP

Ascom EMN


Ericsson MD110

Ericsson MX-One

Ericsson BusinessPhone

Ericsson MD Evolution


Alcatel OmniPCX

VOIP/WiFi Ascom VoWiFi

Cisco Call Manager

Paging Ascom teleCOURIER

Public GSM/SMS





  • 914D

    Simple one way Tone & Text Pager.

    teleCare 914d
  • 914T

    Resilience is essential in these demanding environments, where equipment is subjected to heavy punishment on a daily basis.

  • a51

    Compact push button Personal Alarm including incident location.

  • a71

    A high spec Loneworker Alarm combined with two way text communication.