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Personal Safety

Ascom provides multi-functional solutions for protecting and communicating with Staff, including On-Site Location and Incident Management facilities.

Now there is no longer the need for staff protection to be a function isolated from the mainstream communications of an organisation. An Ascom Solution improves Risk Management and helps comply with the conditions of the UK Corporate Manslaughter Act.

The Concept
Ascom has a range of wireless based systems providing security, reassurance and protection for any staff working in high risk, hazardous, or lone worker environments. They offer an instant and reliable means of raising alarms and in some configurations, will identify the actual on-site location of the incident.

Packages can be tailored to fit individual requirements, from simple button alarm transmitters, to systems that provide one or two way voice, text and location functions. Intrinsic safe options are also available.

Cross System Integration
Our Lone Worker systems can be used as a stand alone alarm solution, but users are increasingly opting to integrate alarms with other communications platforms. Ascom’s open architecture links seamlessly to a very wide range of Ascom and third party equipment from existing PABX; paging, fire panels and mobile communications, to hard wired auto diallers, sirens, and lights.


  • a51

    Compact push button Personal Alarm including incident location.

  • a71

    A high spec Loneworker Alarm combined with two way text communication.