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Critical Alarms

Whether it be straightforward paging to emergency crash teams; sophisticated patient alarm monitoring; loneworker protection for staff, or checking building management systems, Ascom have many years experience delivering robust wireless solutions in the healthcare environment.

Messages can be sent and received across cordless phones, mobile networks, LAN’s, email, paging, or alarm systems - whatever it takes to reach the intended recipient on or off site. If a message cannot be delivered or is not acknowledged it can be automatically re-routed to another person, based on predefined options.

On-site wireless communications reduces waiting time and speeds up response in critical situations. Doctors, nurses, administrators and security staff receive time-critical information right into their pocket, as voice, text, alarm or data.

Ascom healthcare solutions are designed to communicate, distribute and notify. They are easily tailored to your specific needs.


  • 914D

    Simple one way Tone & Text Pager.

    teleCare 914d
  • 914T

    Resilience is essential in these demanding environments, where equipment is subjected to heavy punishment on a daily basis.

  • a51

    Compact push button Personal Alarm including incident location.

  • a71

    A high spec Loneworker Alarm combined with two way text communication.

  • atouch

    PC based software that enables rapid and accurate text messaging from a central control to individuals or pre-programmed task groups.

  • i62

    As the world’s first VoWiFi handset operating on 802.11n network, the Ascom i62 is truly unique. It supports the deployment of voice over the network without degrading the performance of an existing .11n network capacity.

  • p71

    Reliable, robust and easy to use, the Ascom p71 is a messaging unit specially developed for work places where urgent situations require immediate action.

  • telepoint

    Pre-programmed messages and alarms from a radio Help Point unit.