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Ascom Myco Solution

Ascom Myco Workflow Intelligence


Struggling with the equation of limited resources and high demands on the quality of care?

The challenge is to utilize available resources in the most efficient way. To achieve this, workflows must become more integrated and more intelligent. Ascom Myco combined with Ascom Unite middleware and third party apps are an important step in this direction.

Ascom Unite integrates with healthcare information systems and medical equipment, supporting a holistic approach to clinical workflows. It has the intelligence to filter and push mission-critical information to a specific caregiver. With Ascom Myco, caregivers can be more efficient in their decision-making and respond faster to the demands at the point of care. Ascom Unite also logs events, providing the necessary data to identify where efficiency improvements can be made to optimize workflows.

The Ascom Unite Assign application offers a unique overview of nurses and patients. It streamlines the assignment process and helps to ensure that the right nurse is assigned to the right patient.


  • Ascom Myco

    Nurses are the everyday heroes in healthcare and deserve their very own companion to assist them in their jobs – that’s why we developed Ascom Myco™ (My companion). It is a truly purpose-built smartphone for healthcare, providing caregivers and clinicians with the information they need where it matters the most – at the heart of care.

    Ascom Myco