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In healthcare, seconds can make the difference between life and death; to make the right decision you need to have all of the information at your fingertips when needed.


Our on-site wireless communication solutions present information, alerts and alarms to the Clinician helping them to make the right decision instantly. Whether that is communication from co-workers, alerts from patients or alarms from medical devices, the Clinician remains informed.

Communications systems centred on the nurses’ station are inefficient and time-consuming. Bleep systems bounce calls back and forth. Having two-way communication reduces footfall and improves effectiveness, allowing Clinicians to do what they are good at – care for their patients.

There are times when the Clinician needs the care; staff protection should be high on the healthcare agenda. Our solutions can incorporate staff protection as standard. This can be extended to include full location services.

Ascom bridges the gap between hands-on tasks and communication systems. We can arrange a totally integrated hospital enterprise environment, where clinical, management, financial and technical systems work together smoothly and proficiently. Quicker response improves workflows and communication within and especially between departments, such as radiology and labs. Ascom helps hospitals reduce overall operational costs and increase quality assurance.


  1. Integration to mission critical systems
  2. Focus on patient safety
  3. Improve patient experience
  4. Communicate effectively
  5. Increase staff efficiency

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  • Alarm Location

    Find out exactly where an incident or alarm is taking place using one of several Ascom location solutions with direct information to relevant individuals, groups or central control.

  • Ascom Myco Solution

    With Ascom Myco, caregivers can be more efficient in their decision-making and respond faster to the demands at the point of care. Ascom Unite also logs events, providing the necessary data to identify where efficiency improvements can be made to optimize workflows.

  • Building Alarms

    Ascom solutions interface with building management systems to provide real time information on performance or alarm conditions, direct to the people that need to know.

  • Cordless Communication

    Ascom solutions provide the workforce with complete mobility to receive voice, text, data and alarms, wherever they are on-site.

  • Hospital Communications

    Complete enterprise wide solutions: Paging to crash teams; patient alarm monitoring; loneworker protection; monitoring building management systems.

  • Loneworker

    Ascom provides a significant range of solutions that enhance lone worker security and contribute to improved risk management.

  • Software Messaging

    It’s our software solutions that turn state of-the-art hardware into world class applications to benefit your business.

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