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Ascom have been developing Paging technology for a long time and the systems today bear little resemblance to those early ‘bleepers’. Although still a simple platform, Ascom Paging now offers a high degree of functionality that still addresses many on-site communication and loneworker needs.

It is a reliable and cost-effective solution able to keep your comms channels open at all times. Should your telephony system go down, Ascom Paging Solutions remain unaffected giving a double layer of reliability for your mission critical communications

Handsets can communicate one or two way, with large screens being able to scroll lengthy text or data messages, this can be combined with units capable of sending alarms using push buttons or pull cords. Specific Lone Worker handsets support man-down and no-movement alarms plus incident location.

However the principal advance made by Ascom is the ability of their paging systems to co-communicate on the same platform as their DECT, IP-DECT and VoWiFi applications. This means that complete on-site installations can be designed recognising that even those environments needing basic paging can be fully integrated with the whole system.


  • 914D

    Simple one way Tone & Text Pager.

    teleCare 914d
  • 914T

    Resilience is essential in these demanding environments, where equipment is subjected to heavy punishment on a daily basis.

  • a51

    Compact push button Personal Alarm including incident location.

  • a71

    A high spec Loneworker Alarm combined with two way text communication.

  • atouch

    PC based software that enables rapid and accurate text messaging from a central control to individuals or pre-programmed task groups.

  • p71

    Reliable, robust and easy to use, the Ascom p71 is a messaging unit specially developed for work places where urgent situations require immediate action.

  • telepoint

    Pre-programmed messages and alarms from a radio Help Point unit.