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Ascom d81

Ascom d81


Ascom d81Some workplaces leave no margin for error. This is particularly relevant in working environments where staff are potentially exposed to risks to their personal safety. In these situations, the need for reliable, robust equipment is a priority.

The d81 features advanced alarm functionality, alarm prioritisation capability, one-push alarm button with dual functionality, base station location technology and optional, super accurate beacon location technology that can trace alarms to a specific room if required.

It is these outstanding performance and safety features that set the d81 apart from its competitors, allowing users to deliver the quicker response their business or other activities depend on.

d81 Launch site

Ascom d81 launch site


  • Hospital Logistics

    As any head of logistics knows, it’s crucial that hospital transports run smoothly.

  • Material Supply

    Quicker response to distuption in production through lack of materials supply through early alerts of low stock levels and delayed deliveries.

  • Personal Safety

    We can help your staff to feel safe and secure at work. Our solutions offer easier communication between staff in critical and threatening situations, which enables response teams to more quickly coordinate their actions and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  • Radiology Services

    For critical situations at the hospital, for example at incoming trauma to the emergency intake, a wireless STAT Notification is optimal to use.

  • Talk to Patients

    With a wireless telephone, the nurse can speak directly to the patient and immediately assess his or her needs – without taking a step.

  • Technical Alarms

    Our technical alarm solutions provide you with system failure notifications so that you can take appropriate actions – to avoid potential safety or machine issues.