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About us

About The Ascom Group

Ascom UK is part the Ascom Group, an international solution provider with comprehensive technological know-how in Mission-Critical Communication. The company concentrates on the core areas of Wireless Solutions (high-value, customer-specific on-site communications solutions) and Security Solutions (applications for security, communication, control systems for infrastructure operators, public security institutions and the army).

With a wealth of experience in implementing complex projects for discerning customers, Ascom has established itself in important key markets. Offerings range from analysis and consulting to system design and system integration, project management, engineering and implementation, right through to maintenance and support.

The company has subsidiaries in 17 countries and a workforce of some 2’100 employees worldwide.

Ascom registered shares (symbol ASCN) are listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange in Zurich.

The Mission Critical Communication Company

Ascom’s corporate strategy focuses on four key elements:

  • Mission-critical communication – solutions tailored to meet individual communication requirements in particularly challenging environments
  • Organic growth – innovative products and solutions as growth drivers
  • Strategic acquisition policy – aimed at ensuring the ongoing technological development of the Wireless Solutions and Security Solutions divisions
  • Increased operational efficiency and consistent cost management

Mission-critical communication is the first focal point of our corporate strategy. We see mission-critical communication as comprising client-specific communication solutions that optimally address time-critical requirements in the daily business and function quickly, reliably and smoothly even in extreme conditions.

The products and solutions of the Wireless Solutions and Security Solutions divisions are used in situations where continual, comprehensive monitoring, quick reaction times, the highest security standards and absolutely error-free transmission of data are essential. Our clients must be able to identify critical situations at an early stage so that they can immediately implement the necessary measures. Our solutions also contribute to improving the cost efficiency of operations by ensuring optimal communications.

The second mainstay of our strategy is our focus on organic growth. By offering innovative products and solutions, we want to promote further growth and thus achieve a lasting increase in Ascom’s enterprise value. Innovation enables us to maintain our technological advantage over our competitors. Our products and solutions offer the utmost security and reliability. They also offer the flexibility required to ensure quick and cost-efficient integration in our clients’ existing systems environments. In their development work, the specialists at Wireless Solutions and Security Solutions use the latest communications technologies and create special functionalities tailored to the respective client environment and requirements.
Wireless Solutions is a market leader in state-of-the-art wireless on-site communications. This division offers high-end communications solutions tailored to the clients’ requirements and focuses on the business segments hospitals, elderly care, industrial companies, secure establishments and retail. As a leading provider of integrated communications, management and information systems, Security Solutions focuses on the client segments Defence, Public Safety, Traffic Security and Telecom Operations.

The third focal point of our corporate strategy is a diligent and clearly defined acquisitions strategy aimed at bolstering organic growth in the Wireless Solutions and Security Solutions divisions by way of smaller, strategically appropriate acquisitions aimed at expanding the leading market positions we hold.

Our goal here is to expand the divisions while enhancing value, achieving sustainable growth and at the same time improving the profitability of the group.

The fourth strategic mainstay focuses on consistent cost management and increasing operational performance. The streamlined organizational structure that Ascom has today, will be further optimized on both, group as well as divisional levels. As part of the concentration on the two divisions Wireless Solutions and Security Solutions, internal processes will be reassessed and additional improvements and simplifications made. Our short and efficient information channels allow us to react quickly and flexibly to client needs and changes in the market environment.